If you were to line up all the chiropractic coaching companies and compare them, you’d find that the majority of them are all teaching and doing the same stupid thing.

And what do they teach?

They all teach that the chiropractor is to do an exam, consultation, X-rays, and then don’t adjust on the first visit and then on the 2nd visit, use the X-rays to scare the person into an expensive chiropractic “Corrective” care plan.

If you look at people today, they are busy and they don’t want extra fluff. They want to get adjusted quickly and inexpensively and they want results.

Chiropractic is very easy, but most people including chiropractors make things difficult and laborious under the auspices of “Being Professional” and that includes Chiropractic practice.

I teach chiropractors 1 thing and 1 thing only:

I teach them “How to speak, write, present, persuade, influence and sell Principled chiropractic To others”. Period.

We are the ONLY “Principled” Chiropractic Coaching , Mentoring Chiropractic Practice Management Company there is today.

When you achieve success… and I promise you that you will, in fact we guarantee it… you’ll never hear me take the credit for you becoming another PCT Practice Success Stories… No… We give the credit to God and God alone.

PCT and Dr. Phil are the ONLY chiropractic management and coaching company that will not teach you the same old, same old…

And what do all the other chiropractic management guys teach and Promote?

They all teach to do an exam, consultation, X-rays, and don’t adjust on the first visit and then on the 2nd visit, do a report of findings to scare the person into an expensive program of “Corrective Care”.

Our Program is guaranteed. If you follow it… You will be successful

There are literally hundreds of people you come into contact with each week but they aren’t in your office but why not?

I teach you how to get those people who aren’t necessarily looking for a chiropractor but presented with the right approach, they’ll end up coming into your chiropractic office and they will stay for life.

Our coaching program is a no brainer.

All you have to do is make the effort and follow our lead, and its not about how many new ones you get… no, it’s all about keeping the ones you have.

My office is like Hotel California, in that you can check in but you can never what?… You can never leave.

Chances are if you found this website, that you are looking for help and want to know if the PCT way of practicing Chiropractic can help you to achieve the practice that you so desire and want for you, your family and most importantly, your peace of mind.

If you are a chiropractor and want me to help you, you just have to make the effort and I’ll help you no matter what it takes.

Just call me or email me and if you want to do this program, I’ll make it happen for you.



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