Because of demand, I’ve videotaped and recorded the Open Practice Demo and have made it available for only $100 and it’s a 2 1/2 hours which is part chiropractic philosophy and the rest, Marketing. In this video powerpoint presentation you’ll see some of the proprietary marketing, I’ve done that you’ll see no where else, and the best part?…it’s very inexpensive to do and it works and works great.

The Open Practice Demo is the first step in becoming a coaching client of PCT and it will help you understand why our systems and way of doing chiropractic practice works and works great.

The PCT Open Practice is a mini chiropractic philosophy seminar along with our PCT Practice Success Marketing in that you’ll see first hand some of our basic low cost but very effective marketing tools that will bring new patients into your office and your practice without huge expense.

If you were to get just 10 new ones a month for 12 months at the end of 12 months you’d have 120 new ones.  And lets say that 20 of the 120 left and you were left with 100 of the original 120.

And lets say that on average you got paid $100 a month from each of those 100 people.

How much money would you be making every single month?

Answer: $10,0000 a month!

Now that might not seem a lot but at the 2nd year, if you were to do the exact same thing, you’d have another $10,000 a month coming in but the way cool thing is that the original 100 people… They’re still with you in your practice paying you every single month.

Most of our PCT Docs actually see 10 plus new ones a week oftentimes but the difference is this… They keep their new ones in the practice.

The leaky bucket that is present in most chiropractic practices is almost non existent in a PCT Practice.

Our philosophy is simple. We take care of people like we’d like to be taken care of…

There is a reason that the largest chiropractic franchise has adopted and modeled all of their practices after my practice.


Because it works and it works GREAT!!!

And it can work for you too!

If you are tired of your practice and you want to change your practice, then call me.

I can help you.