When first seeing that you can make more money operating your chiropractic practice in an easier way, it is almost unbelievable because you have been told that you had to do things one way throughout your career. I’m here to tell you:

How long have you been coaching chiropractors?

I’ve been coaching chiropractors for over 15 years but PCT was started in 2005 and we’ve trained well over 400 chiropractors world wide, all across the United

So, If I practice Principled...Does that mean that I'm just a cash practice and I can't take insurance or do Car Accident Cases?

There is a lot of misunderstanding to what practicing Principled is and isn’t.

Practicing Principled just means that you are not practicing some pseudo form of medicine that most chiropractors today are attempting to do in their practices and they wonder why people don’t stay, pay or refer.

Actually, Practicing Principled will over time build you a more larger practice and a more stable and sustained practice.

The bottom line is this…

If you are practicing just like all the other chiropractors in your neighborhood, and doing all the same things as all the other chiropractors are doing in practice, and if you are trying to sell chiropractic using the same basic script and talking  points as all the other chiropractors in your city, town or area, then you don’t stand out…. at all.

I heard that what you teach and practice is not legal?

You’ve heard wrong.

I don’t teach anything that is not legal in every state in the U.S., Canada or wherever.

What I do teach is how to communicate chiropractic in a very clear and convincing manner and how to build a great practice that within a couple of years is on “Cruise Control”.

Most chiropractors are always having to chase new people because they are always losing people out the door.

What I teach is how to “Connect” with people and how to get them into your office and how to keep them for life.


I've been to several chiropractic management firms over the years and I was totally ripped off by the last guru that I hired to help me, Why should I trust you?

Again, most if not all the chiropractic coaching companies out there are all teaching, selling and promoting the same thing.

I take care of my coaching clients like I do my own family.

What we teach and promote is how to build a large practice using some of the coolest, most innovative ways imaginable and all at low cost.

Most of the so called coaches aren’t even in practice anymore and haven’t been in years.

I’m in the trenches every day.

I basically put my practice into a box and I send it to you and you use my forms, my scripts, my ads, my new patient tools and all of them from start to finish work and they work frigging great.

Why Principled Chiropractic Training? What makes your program different?

Principled Chiropractic Training is the only Chiropractic Coaching Program that is totally different from all the other chiropractic coaching programs.

All the other chiropractic coaching programs that are available ALL teach the same thing.

And what do they teach?

They teach the chiropractor do an exam, consultation and X-rays and don’t adjust on the 1st visit, and then for the 2nd visit called the “Report Of Findings” or just “ROF” for short, or what I call the “Great Sales Pitch”.

Then the chiropractor is taught to lie, manipulate and attempt to scare the new patient or intimidate them into agreeing to a buying into a very expensive program of so called chiropractic corrective care.

The main problem with most if not all the chiropractic coaching programs that teach their chiropractors to sell a corrective care plan is that it’s “Mechanistic”  and very similar to medicine in that they are attempting “Fix” or “Correct” something in the new patient to alleviate or get rid of their symptoms, but instead of using drugs, surgery or medicine, the chiropractor is using chiropractic, traction, nutrition or whatever to get rid of the symptom.

Chiropractic has and is and will always be “Vitalistic” in that the chiropractor gives the chiropractic adjustment but it’s the person’s innate that actually makes the actual adjustment.

Most chiropractic coaching programs teach their chiropractors how to sell chiropractic to people for 1 year, and after that years gone and past, the patient is gone too.

What Principled Chiropractic Training does is to teach the chiropractor how to build a chiropractic practice not based on symptom removal but rather on taking care of the lifeline.

Principled Chiropractic Training teaches chiropractors how to explain, teach and sell Principled Chiropractic for Life.