Dr Santo Talks About His Friend...Dr. Phil

Dr. Santo Talks About The Need For Chiropractors To Stand Together...

Dr. Santo was considered by most Principled Chiropractors to be “The Number One Chiropractic Speaker” for 30 plus years.

Dr. Santo was not only my good friend and colleague but he was my mentor and helped me become the chiropractor that I am today.

Dr. Santo used to have a “Tape” of the month club and then it became a CD but it was a monthly CD that Dr. Santo would talk about Principled Chiropractic and on a few of the CD’s he spoke of me and my practice in Southern California.

I started having chiropractors from all over the Country and world contacting me to ask if they could come hang out in my office for a day and what I found was that 1 day was not enough, not nearly enough. So, I came up with the idea that I would do trainings and Dr.Santo would be part of it and provide the Philosophy part of it.

Dr. Santo took ill and thus I was left to carry on the message of Principled Chiropractic Practice.

The problem with all of the so called Chiropractic Coaching guys is that most aren’t in practice or haven’t been in practice for years, and most if not all of them are all teaching the same stupid thing.

If you look at all of them, they all teach, Do an exam, Consultation, X-ray them, don’t adjust on the first visit and then on the 2nd visit, scare them with the X-rays and sell them on a 1 year so called “Corrective Care” plan and then watch them leave your office to go home to “Think about it” to never see them again.

Listen, Chiropractic practice is not that hard, but most if not all chiropractors make getting adjusted way too laborious for the average Joe and then they wonder why they can’t build a practice.

It’s not about how many new ones you get… It’s all about how many you keep.

If you want my help, call me…email me or send up smoke signals… and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to the “Promised Land”.