Don't know how to "Toggle"?... No Problem... I can teach you...

One of the main problems for chiropractors in practice today is that a lot…. I mean a lot of chiropractors have marginal chiropractic adjusting skills that just barely gets them by….

And then there are the poor chiropractors who are like a lot of kids in public school these days in that the schools are all about making money and not about producing chiropractors who know how to adjust competently, and the schools “push” these chiropractic students thru the program and allow them to graduate without knowing how to proficiently move bones or also known as “chiropractic adjusting”.

Most if not all state chiropractic boards these days test on “medical diagnosis” and “medical knowledge” and most don’t even test on adjusting skills at all.

So, what happens is that a lot of well intentioned chiropractors open a practice and then attempt to practice medicine with a chiropractic license in that they are attempting to remove symptoms with either chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, laser, decompression.

Listen, this is America. You can practice anyway you want, and you can do whatever you want in your practice. It’s your practice, your baby.


If you are a regular Joe or regular Betty and you want to actually practice chiropractic and you want to adjust people and have a nice practice without all the overhead, headache, and staff that most chiropractors have then I’m your guy.

If you have nominal adjusting skills, that’s okay, I can teach you.

One of the reasons that I think that I have the practice that I have is that I do adjustments that most chiropractors don’t know how to do.

For example: Most chiropractors who do know how to adjust a person’s neck will move it right and then left and then call it a day.

I prefer to do seated Gonstead cervical adjustments in that they are easier on the chiropractor and you’ll never stroke anyone out because there’s no rotation involved in the adjustment.

I also do pull moves on occasion and I do a posterior to anterior adjustment on C1 and C2, and a X-Y Adjustment pull move from inferior to superior along with an Occipital Lift of the Occiput while the person is seated.

We also teach our clients how to do a Crane Adjustment and how to toggle using a toggle table, Kale Table or other small table that we use in practice.

Along with teaching our clients how to adjust, we teach them patient management and day 1 and day 2 along with the full week of communications that helps transform a symptom based patient into a long term life long client.

If your adjusting skills suck then you aren’t going to get the results that people want from you, and you’ll never be able to keep people in your office.

Chiropractic practice is easy and a great way to make money and have a nice life, but most chiropractors are making their lives and practice lives way too complicated and arduous.

So, if you want to build on your adjusting skills then I’m your guy.