Hi There…

My name is Phil Yamamoto, D.C. , and if you are a new visitor to my website… WELCOME!!!

Many of you are probably aware of the new franchise opportunity called “The Joint”.

The original founder of the Joint was a chiropractor who practiced totally different until he got my PCT Practice Success Newsletter and started to read about how I practice and how I charge people, and he decided that he too wanted to move from the way he did things to the way I do things.

Then he sold his interests to the Massage Envy guy and the Massage Envy guy had the money and resources to sell franchises of “The Joint” to non chiropractors and then use a licensed chiropractor to “Manage” the individual chiropractic office.

The problem is that “The Joint” never really fully vetted these chiropractors in the sense that at least here in California, the respective chiropractor wasn’t even in practice at the time and was a “Work Comp” type chiropractor but nevertheless the model that “The Joint” is using was copied from my practice, but they aren’t doing it right.

I never intended to coach anyone and kind of fell into it in the sense that my mentor, Dr. Richard Santo used to have a monthly CD and before CD’s he had cassette tapes that chiropractors all over the world would subscribe to because Dr. Santo was during his time the number of chiropractic speaker at D.E., New Beginnings and the like.

On one of Dr.Santo’s CD’s, Dr. Santo mentioned me by name that I was seeing a lot of people and having battles with the California Board of Chiropractic but really I was being singled out by a disgruntled medical wanna be  chiropractor in title only and over the course of 10 plus years, I had 28 separate board complaints but never once from a patient or client but only from disgruntled chiropractors who took issue with my ads, my volume, my fees and the way that I conducted myself.

I won all 28 board complaints and fortunately haven’t had any since 2005, and my practice has only continued to grow.

What most chiropractors see in an entire month in terms of people, i.e., patients, I often see in a day.

So, Dr. Santo mentioning me a couple of times on his monthly CD was the start of many chiropractors reaching out to me for help in their own practice.

Initially, I had guys fly into the O.C. and I would have them spend the day with me and shadow me all day and what I found out was that one day wasn’t enough, and then I had guys coming out for a full week and it still wasn’t enough time.

Because of the need for chiropractors to learn what it is that I do and don’t do Principled Chiropractic Training was born and Dr. Santo was going to be a part of it until he fell ill and wasn’t able to participate and I was left to carry it on and coach chiropractors on my own.

What we do here at Principled Chiropractic Training is to give you all the nuts and bolts of having a successful chiropractic office without all the headaches, high overhead and low cost marketing and not only get new people into your office but more importantly, keep them for life.

I always tell chiropractors, it’s not how many new ones you get …no… it’s how many you keep.

You have to make your office like mine…. Hotel California.

You can check in but you can never do what?


Most if not all so called chiropractic coaches are not in full time practice and most haven’t adjusted anyone for years.

Me? I’m in full time practice and will be until the day they lower me into the ground.

I only have 24 hours a day and I don’t know how many more days I’ll be here.

My higher purpose is to help as many people as I can both in my own personal chiropractic office and in our coaching/mentoring program.

“Transformational Meaningful Change” only takes place over time, effort, work and dedication to wanting to do better and be better in practice and in life.

I don’t have the wherewithal to waste my time and effort to convince you that my way of practice is the best way to practice, but compared to all other practice models out there in the world today, my PCT Open Practice Method of Practice is the only one that cuts thru all the menosha of useless procedures, exams, and cuts to the chase.

What I do is put my office, my practice and the way I do things in a box and I send it to you, and you just have to add water like the drink you drank when you were a kid… Tang and shake it up and BAM… You’ve got a whole new practice…. and with a whole new practice…comes a whole new life.

Adopting the PCT Way of practice and changing your practice is so easy that even a Caveman could do it.

I can tell you that I will share my information freely with you as one of my coaching clients, and will download what I’ve learned in over 20 plus years into you, and will save you the learning curve that will save you years, hours, and most importantly money.

If you are not where you want to be in practice and you want to really change, then call me or email me and I’ll do whatever it takes to help you. I promise.


Dr. Rayce Meyers has been my friend, colleague and brother in this endeavor since the beginning of PCT.

Dr. Rayce helps coach our chiropractic clients in not only chiropractic technique, but also in chiropractic practice.

Rayce has been a chiropractor for over 34 years and no..he’s not that old… he just started at a very young age, and he’s well versed in high volume practice and regularly sees 100 to 300 people a day in a 4 day full time practice.

As a Team we work well together in combining our individual strengths to help our clients achieve chiropractic success and build a sustained practice quickly.

We have all hands on coaching and sometimes that involves working out in the field with our guys in real life scenarios that no other coaching company does or would ever do.

What makes Principled Chiropractic Training really stand out from all the other chiropractic coaching companies out in the marketplace is that we are one of the few chiropractic coaching companies where our coaches are in full time practice and are in the trenches just like you, so, we know what works and what doesn’t work.

Most of the so called chiropractic coaches would have you do stuff and things that they themselves would never do in practice because they aren’t in practice.

We are and we actually like practice.

We take care of each or our guys and gals as family and we will not allow any of our people to fail.

We Promise that you’ll be happy.