100 New Patients…In 100 Days!

“From “Test Drive” To 200 Plus A Week….

“Turn it around in 2017!!! “How to have a Successful Chiropractic Practice in 100 Days or Less” – 12 Week Program!

If you’re ready to make a change in your PRACTICE that will really make a difference in your life…

If you’re ready to make a change in your PRACTICE that will really make a difference in your life…

The PCT Online Program is an intensive 12 week Multi-Media Webinar program designed to provide Chiropractors with the knowledge and marketing savvy to build extremely successful practices.

This program builds on the skills you may already have and takes you to the next level by teaching you proven techniques to help you become a superb marketer and run a successful money making practice!

Believe it or not despite what others are teaching… Prospective Patients just do not walk through your doors because you envision a full office… WORK means WORK for a reason…. You Market the correct way the PCT wayYou do the workThe Numbers will follow!


1. Anyone who has struggled to make the level of money and success they desire.

2. Anyone who has had a successful practice but couldn’t manage to keep it.

3. Just can’t break through the ceiling of what your practice earned in the past.

4. Anyone who has a revolving door with both Patients and Money! Do you want a life? A Life, Time and Money and a successful practice?

5. Anyone who has so many bills and so much overhead, they toss and turn at night worrying about how they are going to keep their doors open!

Why am I doing this as a sequence of online Webinars?

I realize a lot of the guys that come to me do not have the money or time to pick up for a weekend and come out to Los Angeles, CA  for our Trainings. I also realize, that the economy has put some strain on those that would like to attend, but just can’t afford the added expenses of hotels, food, travel etc.

My attitude and experience is that this program will give the chiropractor who is willing to do the work, the tools to easily build or add at least 100 Plus New people into their practices, and will not have any problem with finances when it comes to deciding to stay on course and get dialed into the PCT Coaching Program after this 12 week Training.




Our Intensive PCT 12 Week Training Program includes:

8 – Two Hour High-Impact Interactive Classes (over 16 hours of instruction)

1 Quick Start One On One Webinar

4 Mastermind And Milestone  Question And Answer Webinars

*Full Notes and Power Point Slides


*A Web-Based Interactive Discussion Forum


*All Classes Are Recorded and Delivered in MP3 format via Dropbox


*Interactive Question and Answer Series at the end of each Class by email or Special Facebook Group.






“Get 100 New Patients…In 100 Days!

How to have a Successful Chiropractic Practice in 100 Days or Less Course

Module One – Building A Strong Practice Foundation


Week 1:  Practice Success Mindset, New Patients, Marketing Mindset And Scripting


Week 2: Chiropractic Success 101 Communication Skill Set And Practice


Week 3: The 10 Essential Skills For Becoming a successful Chiropractor And The Absolute Importance Of Doing A Weekly New Patient Orientation For All Your New Patients!


Week 4: Day One Procedures And Report Of Findings, The Why, The How, And The Ugly


Module Two – Your Chiropractic Marketing Attack


   Week 5: Chiropractic Marketing 101- Bringing Patients in and Keeping them


   Week 6:  The Keys To Presenting Yourself With Impact – You need to step out of your comfort zone.


Week 7: Overcoming Procrastination and Other Pitfalls


Week 8: Existing Practice? New Practice? Starting from Scratch? What you need to know!


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Investment: $1500 One Payment or 3 Payments at $600 a month.

This Program will be going up to $3,000( probably 50% or more) because of the Great Value it offers chiropractors… no other program can get you to the promised land quicker than PCT And Dr. Phil… All without staff, high income, low overhead, and people who come to your office and stay, pay and refer…

You will recoup the initial investment after getting 10 to 15 new people into your office from learning our PCT New Patient Acquisition Methods And Rocking Procedures.

The first 15 Chiropractors allowed to start this program will be getting in on the Ground Floor. We only ask that you write us a testimonial in written form and then do a video testimonial for us as well provided you are not shy and introverted. If you’re a shy person and introverted, and just can’t be on camera or want to put yourself out in a public forum, then no problem… You don’t have to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing, but if you’re not shy and you want to provide us with a testimonial both written and video, then we will reward those chiropractors with an added bonus that they will all be really, really happy with for helping us! Thanking you in advance.